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The study of Chemistry is the scientific discipline of understanding the elements, atoms, molecules and ions; the building blocks of the universe. You will get the chance to study their composition, structure, properties and behaviours and the changes they undergo during chemical reactions. This Chemistry course will help you prepare you for a career in Science or for further study. A GCSE / iGCSE in Chemistry will help you to progress to A level study or equivalent. There are no entry requirements and unlike class-based courses, you don’t need to wait to register. You can enrol anytime, anywhere in the world. The course is entirely online, and you can access your study materials from the moment you enrol.

GCSE / iGCSE Chemistry

The study of Chemistry is the scientific discipline of understanding the elements, atoms, molecules...

  23 students
What you'll learn
A Level Economics builds significantly on GCSE level knowledge by applying economic theory to support analysis of current economic problems. You will learn about the interdependence of micro-economics and macro-economics and understand the roles they each play. You will be challenged to think critically about key issues and make arguments and recommendations based on qualitative and quantitative evidence. This A Level in Economics will explore economic methodology, price determination in relation to production and costs and more. Upon completion of this course you will understand the operation of markets and market failures. You will also understand the national economy in a global context. This course will also give you a strong foundation upon which to study Economics at a degree level.

A Level Economics

The A Level Economics course will help students to develop skills and understanding of economics...

  21 lessons
What you'll learn
Key Stage 3 is the first three years of secondary school education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, for pupils aged 11 to 14. KS3 begins when pupils start secondary education. It’s a part of the National Curriculum and so sets out which subjects have to be taught. It also determines how children should be tested and what standards they should achieve. KS3 is not that different to primary education, except the level of achievement is obviously higher and the lessons harder.

Year 7 – Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 is the first three years of secondary school education in England, Wales and Northern...

  35 lessons

Advanced Level English

This is a course for students who already have some basic knowledge of the language They may have...

  52 students
What you'll learn
Maths at A Level introduces students to advanced principles of mathematics, significantly building on what was learned at GCSE level. During the course you will develop a superior understanding of key methodologies. This will allow you to construct and present mathematical arguments through appropriate use of diagrams, graphs, logical deduction and precise statements. You will learn how to recognise the underlying mathematical structures and simplify or abstract appropriately to enable problems to be solved. This will allow you to construct extended arguments to solve problems presented in an unstructured form, including problems in context. You will also study algebra, geometry, sequences and series, exponentials and logarithms and more in far greater depth. This will expand your previous understandings and allow you to put forward complex mathematic arguments in highly structured and cogent ways. When you have completed this A Level you will have a strong grasp of key mathematical principles. This will give you the core skills you need to move on to study at degree level.

A Level Mathematics

The study of Mathematics is highly respected by Universities who look favourably on applicants who...

  19 lessons
  23 students

Pre-Intermediate Level English

The pre-Intermediate English course intended to revise and extend most of the structures covered at...

  32 students
What you'll learn
An Elementary School education is considered the first real contact any child has with the formal education system. It forms the basis of primary education for children between the ages of 4 which is vital to a child’s overall development since these are the formative years during which they are 11, and typically includes grades from Kindergarten through to Grade 5. Elementary school is extremely educational foundation for a child’s success. The elementary school curriculum adopted by schools for primary education includes subjects that are focused on basic academic learning and the development of fundamental social skills. During this time, students are taught the fundamentals of subjects like Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Physical Development, Fine Arts and Reading.

Grade 3

The third grade forms the third year of primary education and students enrolled are typically 8 to...

  55 lessons
  23 students
What you'll learn
Biology is essentially the science of life – the very thing that keeps us alive and keeps alive all the wonderful creatures with whom we share our planet. Biology’s broadness is also really quite magnificent – encompassing ecology, microbiology, molecular biology, botany, zoology & anatomy. It is not surprising then that Biology is one of the most popular A-Level courses in the UK. Biology is of course essential study for anyone interested in a career in medicine, microbiology, veterinary sciences and many other very popular fields of work. Equally, though, its standing as a strongly academic subject commands great respect from any university admissions tutor and it will no doubt boost your chances of a place at many further education institutions both in the UK and globally.

A Level Biology

Biology at A Level is a chance to significantly extend your biological knowledge You will take a...

  23 students

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  • Very comprehensive

    Michelle - Newcastle
    The course contents for the GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are very comprehensive. My daughter has really benefited from the focused materials to improve her learning
  • Year 11 Student

    Hafsa (Year 11) - Bolton
    The lessons are cool, informative and not too long. I can learn the same as I would in a classroom at a shorter time. I love it
  • Teachers perspective

    RIA - Teacher
    We use the GCSE resources to support the learning of our students at home. It helps a great deal with reinforcing what we have taught in the classroom. We love it at our our school
  • Home schooling parent

    Home schooling parent John - Dallas, Texas
    The US curriculum that we use for our children is very comprehensive, interesting and engaging for the learners. Our children can't wait to move onto the next lesson.